GRP Roof Construction

Perling Offer all types of roofing construction, however our recommended solution is usually fibreglass flat roofing.  The reasons for this are listed below:

Why choose GRP?

GRP is chosen in many industries for its strength, appearance, weather resistance, longevity and cost and these characteristics make it the optimum choice for roofing. When installed by a trained contractor it brings many advantages.


Fibreglass can be used on patios, balconies, walkways, roof gardens as well as complex roof shapes. It can be applied up to decking, skylights, pipes, vents, stairs and walls.

Cost Effectiveness

It will last for many, many years. It is maintenance-free (no painting required) and can be refurbished if you want. It can be extended if you decide to alter your roof and is easily repaired should it suffer unusual physical damage. It also replaces lead and is of no value to thieves.


GRP has been used in many applications for over 60 years and has been proven to last a long time. Parts last at least 20 years and many are more than 30 years old. This makes it an ideal choice for a roof. Traditional felt roofs rely on joints or welded seams which are potential failure points. A continuous GRP surface has no joins, no welds and no seams.

We can provide roofing services in  all parts of Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey and East Sussex.

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